Software Requirements Specification CPSC 430 ASJB Web App

Software Requirements Specification Document for the Associates of St. John Bosco Web Application.

1)What was the project assignment? 

This assignment was a group assignment in which we were to create a software requirements document for stakeholders of our assigned project. The goal was to define and organize the project requirements. The criteria included inclusion of an introduction to the project, overall description of the background and scope of the project, requirements (including non-requirements) as gathered from the client, and any assumptions made about the project.

2)What did you learn from the project?

From this project, I learned how to effectively organize a requirements specification document for software development. I learned how to interact with the client and make sure that all of the requirements they defined were included in the project requirements specification. I learned how to work with a team to develop requirements and define expectations for the stakeholders of the software in development.

3)What would you do differently next time?

Next time I would schedule more meetings with the client as the specification document was in progress in order to verify that the requirements listed in the document reflect their definition of the requirements.

ASJB Requirements Document

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