User Interface CPSC430 Honors Program

The User Interface Assignment in CPSC 430 – Software Development.

1)What was the project assignment?

The project assignment was to create a user interface design for one feature of the group software project. First we were to ask 4-6 people how they thought the feature would work based off of a description. Then we were to create a user interface keeping their comments in mind. The interface needed to be visually appealing and easy to use. We were then to collect comments from 4-6 people describing how they think the feature would work based off of the user interface. We were to use these comments to make appropriate changes to the user interface design.

2)What did you learn from the project?

From this project, I learned how important it is to get feedback from a wide range of different types of people when developing a user interface. The people that were involved in my study experienced the user interface in different ways, and this forced me to rethink how some aspects of the interface would need to work in order to accommodate them.

3)What would you do differently next time?

Next time, I would probably ask an even larger range of people to comment on my user interface design. I would focus on younger and older age groups, as they have different expectations about how to interact with software.

User Interface Assignment

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