UMW Honors Program Web Application

UMW Honors Program Web Application

1)What was the project assignment?

The project assignment was to utilize a Requirements Specification created by a different team to plan, schedule, and implement a client project by working together with an assigned team. The team was assigned to work together during the entire second half of the semester. We were tasked with working with our assigned client to bring the vision of their project to fruition. Along the way, we were to produce the necessary documentation, such as the Project Plan Document, an the Testing Plan Document in order to ensure that the client Requirements were properly reported and implemented within the timeframe allotted.

2)What did you learn from the project?

Since this project encompassed nearly the entire semester, I learned how to work with a team for a long period of time toward a common goal. I learned how to be flexible with scheduling and available during times when my team members were available.

I learned how to analyze a problem and do the research in order to come up with a viable solution.

3)What would you do differently next time?

Next time, I would communicate more effectively with my team as a leader, and make sure it was clear with all team members what each person’s responsibility was. I would also try to make more time for us to co-program so that all team members were on the same page.

Link to Project on GitHub:


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